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Bollwerk AG

Bollwer AG is focused on establishment and development of active economic relationships at different levels and in different spheres of economy. It works with existing as well as with developing markets such as: China Republic, India, Iraq and Pakistan in order to provide a good base for economic development and success for itself and its affiliated partner companies.

Bollwerk AG operates its own budget, invests in industry and infrastructure projects and has a vast network of access to different financial structures, such as: funds, international financial institutions, big private and State banks all over the world.


Established in 1999

BOLLWERK company was founded in 1999 in Vienna (Austria) and now holds shares in different enterprises – either in the form of direct investments, or by way of affiliated and subsidiary companies.

Initially Bollwerk was planned as a managing company with administrative function. But then it has grown into a leading, globally operating company that offers its services not only to partners, but also to companies which are not connected on a direct basis


Trust and confidentiality are the main values of our company’s philosophy, prompt response and efficiency – basic criteria of our business policy.

Bollwerk AG is active in the following spheres:

  •  – Initiates, arranges and carries out trading operations all over the world;
  •  – Arranges investments within the framework of international financial markets;
  •  – Encourages investments and takes part in capital projects singly or with partners;
  •  – Maintain active economic ties with the partners

In Austria, the Caribbean, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Latin America, Libya, Liechtenstein, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine and USA.