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Bollwerk Finanzierungs- und Industriemanagement AG

Our company is a modern multiprofile business specializing in worldwide sourcing and distribution of a variety of goods intended for industrial and civil use, such as:

  • – titaniferous sands;
  • – abrasives and complete range of raw materials for their production;
  • – equipment for production and processing industries – from a single machine up to a full cycle manufacturing line;
  • – trading activities in the agricultural goods sector – connecting producers with consumers in the most cost efficient ways and enabling large volume trades by providing a palette of financing instruments;
  • – high reliability industrial and household electric generating machinery and consumer electronics – as the most recent addition to our portfolio.

Bollwerk AG has a vast network for access to different financial structures consisting of funds, international financial institutions and private banks in Europe.

Over 20 years of hands-on experience

The company was founded in 2000 in Vienna, Austria, as a managing company with administrative functions, but has steadily grown into a responsible, globally operating entity that prioritizes sustainable dealings and longterm mutually beneficial cooperation.


Trust and confidentiality are the main values of our company’s philosophy, prompt response and efficiency – basic criteria of our business policy. Always ready for changes and arising challenges on global and local levels we hedge our partner’s risks in a continuously developing environment.