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Join forces for the EIP on Raw Materials

Join forces for the EIP on Raw Materials

Brussels, 5th December 2013: The European Commissions’ Vice President Antonio Tajani today opened the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM) Annual Conference 2013. The aim of the Conference was to present the Strategic Implementation Plan of the EIP RM, and also the guidelines for the Call for Commitments of the EIP RM.

In order to implement the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) and be successful, the EIP needs to involve a very large number of partners across both the European Union and the entire raw materials value chain that will contribute to realising the objectives of the EIP through concrete actions. The conference also provided information about possible financial instruments to support these “Raw Materials Commitments”.

Euromines members have already prepared a whole series of proposals for actions aligned to SIP priority areas. One key area where Euromines members would like to contribute in cooperation with the European and national governments is to ensure a stable and competitive framework for primary raw material supply from EU sources. This will involve working with the European regions to increase awareness of the vital nature of the mining sector.

Improving Europe’s waste management framework conditions and performance is another priority area for Euromines members. The Euromines action plan also seeks to contribute to the theme of “Knowledge, skills and raw material flows” as well as promote a pro-active international co-operation strategy as a part of the “International Cooperation” Pillar.

As stated by Commissioner Tajani “We need to join forces to tap Europe’s enormous own potential of raw materials. Intensified action is required to make Europe the world leader in the capabilities related to exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution by 2020. It will be the key to Europe’s ability to develop today the technologies of tomorrow. Such innovation is decisive for Europe’s competitiveness, sustainable growth and new jobs.”

The European extractive sector will continue to support the European Innovation Partnership and welcomes Member States’ active involvement in tackling the challenges highlighted in the SIP.


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